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Inspired Jewelry

Store Policy

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Bridal Jewelry
Store Policy
Customer Service
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All merchandise on our website are available for purchase. At each time you will see the quantity that we have available. If you want to order a sold out item, you may do so. All items are made upon the availablity of material.
Placing an Order
Placing an order for our jewelry is very easy. simple fill out the order form.
Payments Accepted
Checks, Money Order, Paypal
Product Returns
We will accept returns within 5 business days on damaged items only. There will be no refund on merchandise unless it was damaged during shipping.
All our items will be shipped through USPS. If you require your merchandise to be shipped by other carriers a fee of will be added to your order. If merchandise is returned your shipping cost will not refunded.
FEDEX - $6.00 up
UPS - $6.00 up  
Receiving your Merchandise
We are so please that you have ordered from us, and we are anxious to know that you have received your merchandise damaged -free,  please let us know by filling out our customer service section.  We must receive this feedback within 24hrs. Thank you.