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Personal Concierge

Welcome to our Personal Concierge. We offer many services to assist you with your busy lifestyle. We are committed to excellence and we want you to have a great experience with our staff.

Our Services
** Housekeeping Services
** Personal Shopper
** Hospital Visit Assistant
** Personal Assisitant
** Travel & Holiday Planning
** Travel Assistance
** Wedding & Event Planning
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Personal Shopper
Personal Assistant
Travel Assistant
Hospital Visit Assistant
Wedding & Event Services
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 Housekeeping Services
We offer basic and general housekeeping which includes: dusting, cleaning bathrooms, cleaning refridgerator, stove etc. We also offer laundry services. If you request ironing services a nominal fee will be charged
Personal Shopper
We assist you with grocery shopping and other shopping needs
Doctor Visit Assistance
Have a love one that needs help getting to an appointment.  Well look no further, we also assist with getting to and from doctors appointment.
Personal Assisitant
Need help getting organized with your household or need an assistant to help you with your daily task, we are happy to help in anyway we can.
Travel & Holiday Planning
Planning a vacation, we are happy to help plan the perfect vaction for you and your family. 
Travel Assistant
Going on a business trip or a family vacation and need an assistant to help out with that family member who needs help. We are here to assist you any way we can.  Travel and lodging are the responsibility of the Client.
Wedding & Event Planning
Because we are a wedding and events planning company we specialize in planning weddings, parties and any event that you are planning.

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